Written by Miwa Saita / LINX

Tonight is the full moon
I'm getting excited
I don't know why my blood is running fast
I know wherever you are
I feel my heart is pounding
Don't be afraid you know I'm gonna treat you right

Looking my eyes  Freezing yourself
Lying on the ground  Holding my wrest
Tasting my blood  Changing yourself
Feeling new life  Until it makes you satisfied

Living in the underworld

You are the only one to make me feel like that
I wanna get out of here, live under the sun

Calling it's love  Letting you go
Running away  Bring you back
Keeping you here  Giving me a chance
Feeling new life  Until you see me deep inside

Living in the underworld

When the sun's coming up again
I know you're going back
Leave me here alone
Another night and another morning come
I'm waiting for the day when you close your eyes...

Living in the under world