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Schedule : Updated / Mar. 24. 2019
June. 22. 2019(Sat) @ Yotsuya OUTBREAK
See more details from the below “Schedule”.

Media Infomation / Jan. 10. 2019
LINX will be on the radio show “WOORKSシミズのわくわくWOORKStyle” by Radio Camnet.
■On air date : Jan. 10. 2019(Thu)
■On air time : 15:00
This will be recorded.
So if you can't listen to it on time,you can listen to it on the internet later on.
Check it out!!
Recorded radio program
※radio program website

Thank you for viewing our MV!! / Dec. 01. 2018
Our 2nd music video “Take Me Far Away” was viewed 150,000 times!!
Thank you so much!!!

LINX will release a new album next year!! / Oct. 25. 2018
We are excited to announce that we've decided to making our new album!!
It's been 2 years and half since the last one "Shake It Now".
The details will be coming up later.
We will start recording from Feb, and hopefully,
it can be released by May or June.
We will be working together and will do our very best to make the great album in our band history.
Thank you so much for your continuous support.

Merchandise Infomation / Feb. 17. 2018
This is our first merchandise.
You can buy it at our show.
Check it out!!
【LINX・Original rubber band】
White / Black
1 piece…¥300(tax included)
2 pieces…¥500(tax included)

Media Infomation / Jan. 09. 2018
Our new music video news will be posted on the web rock magazine “BEEAST”.
Check it out!!

Media Infomation / Jan. 08. 2018
Our new music video news will be posted on the website of the Japanese largest music free magazine “JUNGLE☆LIFE”.
Check it out!!

2nd Official Music Video : On YouTube!! / Jan. 06. 2018
Brand new music video on YouTube!!
LINX performing the country rock tune, "Take Me Far Away".
Revitalise with this catchy sound!!
Check it out!!

“Brand New Music Video”
『Take Me Far Away』
Official Music Video!!

“1st Music Video”
『Shake It Now』
Official Music Video!!

Jul. 07. 2017@Kawasaki FM
The radio show “a.t.o.m. no Gokigen Radio”
by Kawasaki FM radio staion

Sep. 16. 2016@Kawasaki FM
The radio show “a.t.o.m. no Gokigen Radio”
by Kawasaki FM radio staion

Mar. 03. 2018@Shibuya La.mama
〜photo by TAK〜
※Click the photo to display the album.

June. 22. 2019 (Sat) @ Yotsuya OUTBREAK
『LINX “Treasure Box” Release Gig』

LINX / Tangerine / a.t.o.m. / BLUE SCREAM
OPEN 17:30 / START 18:00
ADV ¥2,500-(wo drink) / DOOR ¥3,000-(wo drink)


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