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Schedule : Updated / Jan. 01. 2024
June. 8. 2024iSatj Kouenji ShowBoat
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New Music Video on YouTube!! / Aug. 19. 2023
Brand new music video on YouTube!!
LINX performing the super funk rock tunegTime Is Slippin' Awayh.
Check it out!!

Release : Updated / Aug. 14. 2023
LINX is releasing new digital singlegTime Is Slippin' Awayhupdated the details.
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Schedule : Updated / Apr. 02. 2023
Sep. 09. 2023iSatj Kouenji ShowBoat
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We've decided to making our new single!! /
Jan. 01. 2023

We are excited to announce that we've decided to making our new single!!
The details will be coming up later.
We will start recording from Apr or May, and hopefully, it can be released by Sept.
We will do our best to make the great one!!
Thank you so much for your continuous support.

Thank you for viewing our MV!! / May. 09. 2022
Our new music video gI Wannah was viewed 300,000 times in 8 months!!
Thank you sooooo much!!!

LINX YouTube channel is ready!! / Sep. 13. 2021
Our channel is opened on YouTube!!
Please subscribe to our channel!!

gBrand New Music Videoh
wTime Is Slippin' Awayx
Official Music Video

g6th Music Videoh
wOne Last Chancex
Official Live Music Video

g5th Music Videoh
wI Wannax
Official Music Video

g4th Music Videoh
wTop Dogx
Official Music Video

g3rd Music Videoh
wStart It Overx
Official Music Video

g2nd Music Videoh
wTake Me Far Awayx
Official Music Video

g1st Music Videoh
wShake It Nowx
Official Music Video

June. 8. 2024iSatj Kouenji ShowBoat
LINX one-man live 2024 gThe Next Phaseh

OPEN 18:30 / START 19:15
ADV 4,000-iwo drinkj / DOOR 4,000-iwo drinkj


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